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Let's Party!

School leavers want a prom just like on US television show The OC - Telegraph

...teenagers turn to American-style prom celebrations complete with stretch limousines, dinner jackets and ballgowns. ..

Not everyone is thrilled with the invasion of such an American rite of passage. Gerald Haigh, a former primary school headteacher, worries..: "A friend emailed me to say that outside his local primary school on the night of the Year 6 leaving party, he'd counted four stretch Lincolns, two stretch Hummers, assorted Jags, BMWs and Mercs, all queuing to drop off buffed and puffed sprogs and sprogettes. Doesn't it make you yearn, just a little, for a more
innocent time?"

Hurray - the kids have aspirations! They want glitz and fun - how unlike the grumps and the new survivalists

...Sally Hill, 37, a former teacher, wants her two young children, five-year-old Abby and three-year-old Ben, to live a self-sufficient lifestyle, because she believes the Government will not be able to do anything about future oil shortages.

"When you've given up trying to save the world, the next best solution is working out how to save yourself," says Mrs Hill, whose husband, Matt, 40, a graphic designer, shares her sustainable lifestyle on the south coast. They have a wood-burning stove, kerosene lamps and essential supplies in the cellar to prepare for the possibility of food shortages or prolonged power cuts.

She is guided by the impulse that it is better to be safe than sorry, teaching her children how to grow vegetables as part of their education.

Funny how it is always the "former teachers"....


I'm reminded of the late John Seymour, the doyen of self-sufficiency writers in the 70's, who eventually admitted
that the only way he was able to remain 'self-sufficient' was with the benefit of the very respectable income from his best selling books on 'self-sufficiency'! You've got to laugh :)

The wonderful thing about these greenie survivalist types is that, thanks to their consciences, they never plan how they are going to defend their little treasure troves from the likes of freebooting robber barons of the type I intend to become should everything go pear shaped.

More to the point, they don't explain how they will defend their efforts from the officials of "democratic communities" sent to stamp out hording and so on.

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