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Anger at MoD plan to unfurl £2.5m of new flags - Scotsman.com News

DEFENCE chiefs are spending £2.5m replacing every flag in the British military in a move which has angered troops still fighting for their lives in warzones with outdated and inadequate equipment.

At least, I hope, they aren't replacing them with the blue rag with the gold stars on it, yet.


That said, assuming that the journalism of the Scotsman is beyond reproach, it does look like one change is in the offing:

"The contract, which has been awarded to Zephyr Racing Pennants of Kettering, Northants, includes new Union Flags, the Navy's Red Ensign and the Army and RAF flags."

Is the White Ensign just a little bit too much like the St George's cross, or has the Royal Navy now grown so large as to require the re-appropriation of the White and Blue Ensigns?

Most vessels I've sailed on under the Red Ensign recently were very fine boats, but perhaps of limited use if pressed into military use, even in these days of cut backs.

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