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That LGA Disgusting Poster

BBC NEWS | UK | Councils launch charm offensive


Research by the Local Government Association found residents in England and Wales were satisfied with services but did not realise who provided them.
It is giving councils posters to counter what it says is an unfairly poor public perception.
It hopes they will help educate people on what their council tax is spent on.

'Disgusting' council poster campaign criticised - Telegraph

Local authorities have been criticised for using 'disgusting' posters ...
The controversial poster campaign,.....was immediately condemned as offensive 'propaganda' which could breach guidelines on taste and decency and branded a waste of taxpayers' money.

Can't see what is wrong with that poster....


At the risk of being politically incorrect, note how the nice woman whose salad is being safeguarded by the council is black, and slim, while the woman vomiting in the street is white, and overweight.

Can't see what is wrong with that poster....

That's a telegraph pole

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