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Labour Party Funding Crisis Update (and Plod interviews Hain..)

Peter Hain interviewed by police over £100,000 'hidden' campaign donations - Times Online

Peter Hain, who resigned from the Cabinet over allegations that he had failed to register political donations, has been interviewed by police, The Times has learnt.
A file could be sent from police to the Crown Prosecution Service within weeks. The disclosure contradicts Labour Party officials who claimed three months ago that the inquiry was about to collapse. It is a further embarrassment for the party...The party, which files its annual accounts this week, is averting bankruptcy only because of a written guarantee that at least one union, Unite, will continue to provide funding.

Going, going, gone. Sold to the highest bidder.


Recall the fuss about those loans made to the Labour Party but not shown in the Accounts? This accountant could see at once that it raised all sorts of interesting questions pointing to possible charges of false accounting.

What happened to that investigation?

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