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82% think the NHS wastes a fair amount, or more, of money.

Labour no longer trusted on NHS reforms - Telegraph

Barely one in five people believe the Labour party will deliver a better health service over the next ten years, the You Gov poll shows.

The Prime Minister hopes Lord Darzi's package of reforms will transform Labour's fortunes and restore the party's reputation as guardians of the NHS on its 60th anniversary.

The results of the poll show he Tories have a clear lead on health policy with 31 per cent of people saying they would do a better job of running the health service, compared to 23 per cent who think Labour would deliver on the NHS.

Sixty-nine per cent of people said reorganising the NHS is more important than spending more on it, up from 38 per cent in 1998. Only 24 per cent now want more spent on health, down from 59 per cent a decade ago.

Seventy-eight per cent of voters believe the NHS has too many managers.

And despite the billions Labour has poured into health, the new poll shows that public satisfaction with the NHS is dropping.

Some 44 per cent of people said they think "a great deal" of money is being wasted in the NHS. Another 38 per cent said a "fair amount" is wasted.

People have seen through the NHS scam, its the beginning of the end. It is a shame the Tories don't recognise that.


The Conservatives will only do crowd-pleasers this side of 2010. Mind you, I'm not that confident there is anything else in the pipeline for after the election.

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