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Dave - where's the beef?

The Conservatives have a plan and we can make it work | David Cameron - Times Online

The Conservative leader replies to a call by The Times to make clear what his party stands for...

How exactly are we going to do it? At our conference last October, we set out three agendas - for opportunity, responsibility and security. These aren't plucked from thin air. They are all intimately connected to one another. ...

We will give parents the power to set up new schools. ..

We will give more power to charities and social enterprises that really know how to get people into work - paying them for their success....

Our green papers on schools, welfare, decentralised energy, prisons and the not-for-profit sector are designed for what I call the post-bureaucratic age, in which the information revolution can give real power and control to individuals in a way we have never seen before.

We can book a tailor-made holiday on the other side of the world at a click of a button. Social networking can drive the environmental agenda. And Google can tell us more about our illness than our doctors. Yet we still have a government wedded to top-down state control. The future is people-led.

Um. Does that make it "clear" exactly "what his party stands for" and "how we are going to do it"? Or did it read like vacuous aims and aspirations from a marketeer?


With 2 years to the next election, and Gordon's propensity for simply nicking the popular ideas, I'm not surprised he is keeping his cards close to his chest.

What concerns me are his allusions to technology and IT. Given the government's abilities in this field (or lack thereof) this has me very worried.

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