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Council Tax - Don't argue, we will just take the money.

Council tax rebels will have money seized from bank accounts - Telegraph

Council tax rebels will have cash seized from their bank accounts rather being sent to prison under Government plans to avoid the embarrassment of elderly martyrs.

At present, people who fail to pay council tax can be prosecuted only in magistrates' courts, where prison sentences are the main sanction.

The move would mean that the Government would be spared the embarrassment of high-profile protests by council tax rebels such as Sylvia Hardy, a pensioner from Exeter in Devon who was jailed for a week at the age of 73 in 2005 for refusing to pay an above-inflation increase on her tax bill.

Have your say: Should the Government have the right to collect taxes directly from bank accounts?

My local council tried to mulct a "penalty" payment out of me after they mishandled a council tax demand, I refused to pay and was pleased that I had the right to appear in front of the local magistrates, real people who understand the world, much to the council's surprise. I won and the council was sent away with a flea in its ear, I doubt the same would happen under the proposed scheme....


Although it sounds a bit 1984, tax evasion is a crime and I don't have sympathy with those who get in trouble because of it.

I think they will find a few more council offices being burnt to the fucking ground...

We fought a war over that kind of shit, and won. Time to sharpen your cutlass.

"Ministers want to overhaul the system of prosecuting those who fail to pay their bills by bringing it into line with that used for other debts, such as credit cards and rent arrears.'

Then do so. First, take them to court same as other debtors, such as landlords and credit-card issuers have to do. Then, if you win, you may get a portion of income which is taken out before it gets to the one who owes the debt. You should NOT get to dip your grubby paws into the honey unilaterally, and going after the principal should require still more court action.

Not that this is the way any government, anywhere, any time, has ever acted. Here, our IRS can take everything you own plus 100% of you income plus fines AND throw you in jail and the only "court" you are entitled to appeal to is an IRS board, not Civil courts or Criminal courts.

The more enlightened governments have long since done away with debtor's prison - unless the debtor is the government.

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