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Don't take more water with it.

Junkfood Science: Wellness water — the 8x8 myth

People carry bottles of water everywhere, sipping from them continually. We’ve become obsessed with our pee. More incredibly, so have our employers....companies offer water points, send emails to coax workers to drink water, distribute water bottles, and post pee charts in the bathrooms to check the color of workers’ urine. Yes, pee charts. Bosses actually think it’s their business what you do in the privacy of the bathroom. Don’t laugh,

Companies have made workers’ bathroom business their business. Drinking 8 (8 ounce) glasses of water — known as 8x8 — has become a key part of preventive health and workplace wellness programs. Like many other aspects of these wellness programs, their claims to prevent chronic diseases and promote optimum wellness have little credible scientific support.

But how many people know that the roots of this adage aren’t in science, but vitalism and nostrum remediums? How many know that after centuries, there’s still no medical evidence for the belief that normal, healthy people all need to be concerned about drinking more water?

As ever Sandy does a sterling job demolishing the myths - read the rest so you can giggle at those poor saps who can't walk 200 yards up the street without rehydration, I actually think the constant sucking at "sports" bottle is a dummy (or pacifier) substitute as they have failed to grow up.

(As a note as we don't talk about 8oz glasses over here I had never heard of the 8x8 campaign, I suppose we are lucky it hasn't gone metric and called the 275x275 rule, encouraging us to drink 275 275millilubes (or whatever the metric for 8oz is) a day.


I can't remember where I read it, but I do recall seeing an article by/about the originator of this myth. He was a dietician type fellow and he explained that this whole 2 litres a day thing came from a comment he once made which went along the lines of:

"A normal healthy adult consumes about 2 litres of water a day, including the water contained in his/her food." [emphasis mine]

He was actually quite dischuffed that idiots had misinterpreted this to mean everyone must drink at leasst 2 litres of water a day.

As Jeremy Irons discovered a couple of years ago drinking too much water can actually be bad for one.

I think the fashion for carrying a bottle of water is drug related. Back when E made the headlines we were told that users got hot and needed copious supplies of water and cooling off rooms; I think the water bottle became a badge that said "I am cool, I use ecstasy." Others of course think " you are a prick, you've PAID for water "

Don't drink water, fish fuck in it... ;-D

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