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Don't take an axe to a laptop fight

Girl fought off home raiders with laptop - Scotsman.com News

Mohammed Razaq saw four men, wearing balaclavas and dark clothing, running across the garden to a conservatory. They had a variety of weapons, including an axe, a large knife, a bat and a bar. They smashed windows in the conservatory and entered.

"Mr Razaq attempted to hold the living room door closed to block their access to the rest of the property, but one of the males smashed its glass panels with an axe. The glass showered Mr Razaq, causing him to back away," said Miss Cross. Mr Razaq fell over and the man with the axe fell on top of him.

One of the gang grabbed the girl, 15, by the hair and pushed her into a door and punched her. A man picked up the laptop and the girl tried to retrieve it.

"She was upset at the prospect of this being taken, and a struggle broke out between them. She eventually retrieved the laptop, which she then used to hit the male over the head," said Miss Cross.

Mr Razaq had taken hold of a baseball bat, which he kept in the house, and struck two of the gang. They fled, as they had come in, through the conservatory.

Good girl, but what I want to know was make of laptop was it? It can't be one of those funky apples, you couldn't swat a fly with one of those, an IBM would be too heavy for her to lift and I tried to hit anyone with my old Dell there would just be a shower of plastic and components flying everywhere. Of course there are some who might say there are better ways of confronting such intruders that don't rely on having a handy laptop and a bat left lying about by chance after a game practice (I'm sure he didn't keep it handy for self defence as that would be illegal. )


It was almost certainly a Thinkpad, no other laptops are built as well. They do do some small ones, like my X40, which are quite swingable... Carbon composite body so quite sturdy with it!

I presume Mr Razaq and the girl will be prosecuted for daring to defend themselves?

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