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Supping with the Devil

I very pleased the Devil from The Devil's Kitchen is coming to stay tonight, however Mrs Englishman has never read his blog, or even heard of him. How do I describe him to her before he arrives so she isn't surprised?


The best defence is always to say nothing...

'Hello darling, meet Chris'? (That's all I can think of to preserve sanity and safety).


Meet Mr Kitchen. It's probably best you go to bed now dear.


Tell her that the devil is a delightfully split personality who is a totally charming gentleman in the flesh, but the very devil in print. Tell her that it is best to listen rather than read !

Alan Douglas

Er..."Please ignore the sweariness, he's a nice bloke, really. Honest!"?

Do you bloggers all know each other? I just found out a few days ago that he used to go out with Trixy. I should really get a blog of my own, then I might finally get a social life...

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