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The Devil Came Down to Cannings


The annual Chilli cook-of has just finished, though I fear some afterburn tomorrow.

From the blogging world we had The Devil and Geoff Baker as well as the mysterious Mr NBC (photo withheld).-


Geoff easily won the Hottest and Bio-Hazard categories, I won the Most Unusual - for my Fried Chilli Bananas - A recipe I invented yesterday!

Overnight soak some sultanas in rum.
In a frying pan mix butter and brown sugar, add a couple of drops of vanilla essence and a bit of chilli sauce, heat to it almost becomes fudge.
Add sliced bananas to the hot pan and quickly fry, sprinkle chilli flakes on and as the banana slices brown and crisp up on the outside pour a generous measure of the rum and sultanas over (if you are flash get the rum to light and flambe the top) - serve with vanilla ice cream.

. And the sun shone making it a wonderful day - apart from when it rained.....




I was sorry I couldn't make it...on viewing your liquid sunshine I feel I got the better of the deal over here in Ca.

Looking at the first pic, I'm guessing Mr DK won The Sharpest Dressed Cook prize :-)

It was a very nice break and the day was rather excellent! Many thanks to yourself and your good lady wife for being such fine hosts!


I want one of those hats! I will try your bananas when the weather improves, although they are very cheap at the moment, down from their high of $12 a kilo two years ago after the hurricane.

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