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Gordon's Big Idea Revealed - The Renewal of Labour Starts Here

Gordon Brown: Stop wasting food - Telegraph

Gordon Brown is urging British consumers to stop wasting food amid growing concerns over the sharply rising cost of basic necessities.

"There's a child in Biafra that would fight for what you are leaving on your plate; its only a bit of gristle, eat it, its good for you; cut round the mouldy bit and eat the rest; the maggot has only eaten apple, it is apple, eat it".

The phrases of childhood come back, all the stronger for being said in a dour Scottish accent.

Telling people who are feeling the pinch that it is all their fault for not eating up all their greens doesn't seem to me to actually get to the roots of the problem of rising food prices (don't mention the EU and biofuels) or be a clever, popular move...


The Telegraph also reports, in the same article: "Mr Brown will call for the creation of a new international panel of experts – mirroring a similar panel for climate change – which will ..."

I'm sure we are all glad to see Mr Brown has it well under control.

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This really is unbelievable. Brown has done nothing for 11 years to reform the CAP, which continues to cripple third world food markets and cause the EU to massively underproduce food, so I don't think he is in a position to start dishing out this advice.

Truly we can now say that we are being controlled by the Nanny State.

And remember, if you do throw away food, it will be left to rot (and feed numerous generations of insects) for two weeks (or proposed month).

But not as fast as it might, since summer has now passed -
*Summer Disappears*

And above all, remember that interfering with criminals is a job for the police, all others will be prosecuted -
*Grab a Thug Get Assaukt Charge*
... at least when that happens (all too often) in the US it is a civil charge brought by the criminal and generally dismissed out-of-hand. But crims caught in the act get off with warning while citizen faces felony charges? And the second in a few days - the other, kidnap charges?

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