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Schools for education? Not under this government. 2

NCB | Young Children and Racial Justice: Taking action for racial equality in the early years, by Jane Lane, was published by the National Children's Bureau.

Jane Lane, the author, who is not a member of NCB staff, but an advocate worker for racial equality in the early years sector, said:
‘Children are like sponges and the early years of their lives are critical for helping them learn to respect the opinions, differences, similarities and needs of others.’

"I wrote Young Children and Racial Justice because I am increasingly aware that there are people who do not take issues of racial equality sufficiently seriously...This has led to a situation where important early years anti-racist practice is misunderstood by those responsible for implementing it.

"A child may react negatively to a culinary tradition other than their own by saying, 'Yuck!"'.

That may indicate a lack of familiarity with that particular food, or "more seriously a reaction to a food associated with people from a particular ethnic or cultural community".

An Englishman's Castle: Schools for education? Not under this government.

Rod MacKinnon, the head of Bexley Grammar School, south-east London, said schools were being forced to shun traditional lessons as ministers manipulated the education system for the purposes of "social engineering".

"There are those who wish to use children and schools as social engineers with a view to creating a different society but we should not even be trying to do such things," he said. "Children need to be nurtured, educated and cared for, not thrown into the frontline of social reform. Muddled thinking is guaranteeing failure for the noble aspirations we all commonly hold for the education of the young."

The state pays for schooling so the state designs schooling to train children into its pattern, it is only either accidentally or by the luck of having a brave teacher that children actually get educated as well as being taught.


If children are indeed like sponges then the nulabour thought police are going to have field day with mine.

Quite. Any child refusing to eat pork or bacon is clearly an evil racist.

Naturally ZaNuLabour will have them re-educated pronto.

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