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What's the CO2 level in England?

UK National Air Quality Archive: Monitoring

There are over 1500 monitoring sites across the UK which monitor air quality and these are organised into networks that gather a particular kind of information, using a particular method.

None of them seem to measure CO2 levels.

UK National Air Quality Archive: Data pages contain options for you to enter queries to the database and retrieve statistics relating to Air Quality in the UK from the present back to 1960.
But not for CO2..
Environment South West is the gateway to the latest (regularly updated) state of the environment data, information, trends and analysis about aspects of the South West Region's environment subject by subject and also exploring the many pressures affecting it.
But not for CO2 levels

Every trace pollutant is measured and there are lots and lots of lovely statistics about CO2 emissions diced and sliced to 1km*1km squares, by industry, by population etc but nowhere can I find what the levels actually are and have been. Why?


The reason why there is no measurement of CO2 levels in the UK is because there is no requirement for it. There is merely a UN requirement for CO2 emissions to be reported. Atmospheric CO2 monitoring is carried out by CDIAC and the US NOAA CPO. As can be seen from the map the data is collected weekly from about 100 sites but not in the UK:
CO2 monitoring over time was a pet project of Charles Keeling at Scripps Oceanographic Mauna Loa from 1957
Prof Keeling developed the Keeling Curve:

Hope this helps

I'll have a wild stab in the dark and guess that they're stable at about 0.04% and have been since the year dot. 'NASA Aerospace Engineer: 'Global warming to be recognized as a hoax'' over at http://antigreen.blogspot.com/ makes for very interesting reading. In fact, so does the whole site.

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