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Manufactured Nigger Row - Who's The Intolerant Bigot?

Storm over Tory peer Lord Dixon-Smith’s ‘nigger in woodpile’ remark - Times Online

Lord Dixon-Smith, 73, a Eurosceptic farmer from Essex, replied: “I apologise, my Lords. I left my brains behind. I apologise to the House.”

He told The Times afterwards that the remark had “slipped out without my thinking”.

He said that he had realised his mistake when in the chamber and apologised. “It was common parlance when I was younger, put it that way,” he said. He emphasised that he now considered the matter closed.

I'm a good few years younger than his Lordship and it was common when I was younger as well, just as we chanted the non-Tiger version of eeny meeny miny mo, there wasn't racist intention or thought behind the use of the insensitive word. Times change and what was appropriate then isn't now, but if we can't forgive an old man's slip of the tongue when he has immediately and completely apologised for the slip then we truly have become an intolerant society.


I wonder what the USA pop group - or rap, or whatever - NWA would say about this ?

NWA stands for Naturally-dark-skinned-people With Attitude. Or similar.

Alan Douglas

Guess he never heard how W. C. Fileds got around the problem -
"There seems to be a Ubangi in the fuel supply."

Good God. There is an advert on the telly using that old tune "The sun has got his hat on".
Wonder if any Guardianistas out there realise there is something to complain to the ASA about.....probably not which is just as well.

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