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Cleaning the EUgean Stables

Tory MEPs' anger as David Cameron orders 'deep clean' of expenses - Telegraph

Conservative MEPs have reacted furiously after David Cameron ordered a "deep clean" of their expenses and ordered them to accept public scrutiny or leave the European Parliament.

An anonymous letter from a group of MEPs, said to represent a "minority" of those serving in Brussels, and threatening to sue the Conservative leader if he carried out his threat to de-select them, was made public.

In it, the MEPs said there would be "no incentive" for them to go on trips to the Parliament's alternative base in Strasbourg if they could not cash in on lucrative expenses, and complained about the prospect of eating in cheaper restaurants and cutting out "that extra half-pint of lager" from their expenses claims....

A spokesman for Mr Cameron confirmed that the letter was genuine and said he was "unsurprised" to receive it.

She added: "He was pleased, in fact, because we are getting things out in the open and he is not afraid to have a row over this.

Excellent - it is hard for Dave to portray himself astride his trusty white charger as a champion of decency unless the troglodytes come out and fight - up to now they have all resigned and gone to ground when challenged, and I think this anonymous bunch will do so too when identified (The Guardian claims Roger Helmer is behind it.)


Don't know about this. Needs to be scrutinized more closely.

I am also waiting to see who dares stick their head above the trenches.

They shouldn't go to Strasbourg or Brussels without a tank and artillery regiment anyhow. The EU must die.

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