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Gov wants Yoof views on ID Cards - why don't you pop over and help them out...

ID Cards - mylifemyid
Welcome to mylifemyid - the site where 16-25's can have their say about identity issues in the UK. A few simple things to remember:

* We want to know what you think, so contribute contribute contribute. Don’t be shy..

......;You are not eligible to vote in this poll...

I wonder what if I try to register and say I'm twenty...

....Great. I'm pleased to say that you qualify to take part in the research.

And they have a forum as well! - let's see my user name is "The Englishman" and my password is "harry" - I shouldn't forget them now...

Have fun.

(Sometimes I'm not sure they really have a clue about verifying and securing IDs...)


Can they find some Yoofs that can think?

I guess they think that anyone under the age of 25 should be well brainwashed by now thanks to the fantastic education system they have created. I fear they underestimate our children slightly!

There is an interesting thread over there about lots of people possibly going for a general walk, (NOT A PROTEST NOTE!) around Parliament on Nov 5th, possibly wearing masks (V).

Does anyone know the cheapest places to get these masks from?

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