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Looking for that corner of a foreign field

A taste of England in Oxford - the Maryland one, that is - Telegraph

For lunch, our plan had been to quench our thirst and appetite with English beer and fish and chips at the Robert Morris Inn, a historic restaurant named for the historic figure who lived there in 1730.

Eighty per cent of our orders are crab-related," says our waiter, explaining why there are no fish and chips...Kenny Rogers croons over the muzak system. ..English beer: there is none on tap. Their version, Oxford Ale, a raspberry wheat beer, is far from the real deal. We adopt stiff upper lips and order Diet Coke and burgers.

"Here's something that's very English,The toilet bowl lever is on the 'correct' side - the right side of the toilet, just like in England."

Well that has cured me of my wanderlust - it sounds like hell when the only thread of connection with home an Englishman abroad can find is the bog handle. And how do you use one that is on the left, behind your back?


About two thirds of the "French" resturants in the US would be bombed by a real Frenchman.

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