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Thousands of Scots Claim Free Cash - News

A green mood sweeps Scotland - Scotsman.com News

THOUSANDS of Scots have stepped up to the challenge of fighting climate change and are helping our country set a shining example to the rest of the world...

Nearly 100 groups, from schools to scouts, have been in touch with the Scottish Government after thinking of ways to help the environment, in an effort to get a share of its £18.8 million Climate Challenge Fund.

Call me an old cynic but if you offer bucket loads of cash it is hardly surprising people try and claim it, if they offered £18.8 million to help people hop then thousands of Scots would step up to the challenge of being one legged. And why shouldn't they?


"a shining example to the rest of the world"? Gosh, these Scots really do feel indequate, don't they? Why are they always bolstering themselves up with loads of braggartly trash?

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