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Preserving the countryside from the wild life

Landowners and hunt join forces in legal battle to ban saboteurs - Times Online

A group of 84 landowners is backing a hunt’s attempt to ban saboteurs from almost every piece of open land and countryside in West Sussex.

Their aim is to win a common law injunction against trespassing and harassment by activists from the West Sussex Wildlife Protection Group and its two main organisers, Simon and Jaine Wilde, under the Protection and Harassment Act 1997.

If an injunction is awarded at the High Court this week, the activists will be banned from 10,000 acres of land, nearly the whole of the county, except for large public estates, footpaths and public highways.

Mr Sandeman said: “We can’t and won’t stop legitimate monitoring of the hunt from the public highways and rights of way. What we are seeking is a ban to stop the filming of hunt supporters, children and old people, who follow us on foot. There has been considerable intimidation of these people in an attempt to stop them supporting the hunt. Some of the children get very disturbed when cameras are put in front of them.”

He said that harassment on this scale was tiresome and that it also wasted police time, with nine or ten officers turning out to police the hunt opponents.

You may remember Simon Wild(e) as the whining little shit who filmed Fatty Soames heinous law breaking, banning his annoying nasal noises and appalling polyester apparel would without doubt be a boon and a blessing to the countryside.


Two words: cement shoes.

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