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Lib Dims after the wet vote

Liberal Democrats : Flood insurance must cover those at most risk - Webb

Commenting on the announcement that insurers have agreed to cover households with a flood risk of up to one-in-75 years, Liberal Democrat Shadow Environment Secretary, Steve Webb said:

"It is all very well making insurance available, but it must be affordable to people living in the most vulnerable homes.

And how is that going to work? What he actually means is that he wants people to pay less than the risk demands, do you think the insurance companies are going to subsidize the bad risks? No - maybe those of us who don't live on flood plains should? But then our houses aren't cheap because of the risk of flooding - so should those on the flood plains subsidize our mortgages? Didn't think so. Let us guess who this wet Lib Dim wants to pay for this foolishness...


The Lib Dems clearly have just as terrible a grasp of markets and how they work as Labour do.


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