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Swindon Speed Cameras - follow the money

Council becomes first to ditch speed cameras - Telegraph - after describing them as "a blatant tax on the motorist".

Kim du Toit describes it as:

an act of rebellion by an individual, but by local government against Big Gummint. I should point out that the council in question happens to fall not far from the abodes of The Englishman and Mr. Free Market—indefatigable rebels themselves—so perhaps it’s not all that surprising.

I'm not so sure it is an act of rebellion, even though Swindon is refreshingly motorist friendly. As I have blogged before the operation of the Wiltshire Safety Camera Partnership Workshop is all tied up with funding and bickering over who gets the money...


Three weeks and counting - Swindon still has speed cameras. In fact, this morning a new fixed camera went up on the A419). So was this a genuine policy change, or just a good publicity stunt by Swindon's Tory council?

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