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having a wife who refuses to keep her opinions to herself - a crime against modern Britain

Gibraltar's top judge accused of 'colonial approach' - Telegraph

In a dossier before the tribunal and accepted as evidence, Judge Schofield stands accused of failing to have a valid MOT for his car, paying his housekeeper a wage below the statutory minimum and having a wife who refuses to keep her opinions to herself.

I'm a bit confused - I thought Gibraltar was a colony and so why is it wrong for him to have a colonial attitude? And "having a wife who refuses to keep her opinions to herself" - is that a colonial crime or a crime in modern Britain? Is it old fashioned to have an outspoken Memsahib or old fashioned to expect her to be a mere ornament?
Maybe Mrs Tony Blair could help out on this case...


It's a good job Grombooliland is no longer British West, then. I haven't had a car MoT'd for years and pay the amaRemittansi well below the statutory minimum wage. As for She-Who-Controls-The-Special-Smarties, let's just say she holds some very strong opinions on certain subjects (your humble correspondent and his activities mostly) upon which she is not afraid to express herself quite forcefully.

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