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Today Global Warming Causes...

Weather Eye: unexpected consequences of global warming - Times Online

Inuit communities are seeing their first wasps...European brewers are facing a crisis....The famous geysers of Yellowstone Park, Wyoming, are slowing down...a rise in the number of kidney stones..

(More on the Kidney Stones)

And more

...I am certainly ready to believe that this is "the most compelling science to date" vis a vis the negative effects of global warming, though I thought perhaps the study about global warming increasing acne was right up there as well.

Here are 48,900 other things that "global warming will cause."  More from Lubos Motl.  And here is the big list of global warming catastrophe claims.


Nanook meets a wasp....I,m convinced at last!...plus the ice in my g+t melted faster tonight.

From what I've heard, the Inuit "community" has been seeing pink elephants for years. What's a vespa or two?!

Does this -
*No Waste*
count as AGW catastrophe? Thirty-four bins for sorting rubbish?

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