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Black and White Television For Sale

Britain's most popular television programmes 'too white', says Trevor Phillips - Telegraph

Some of Britain’s most popular television programmes including the Vicar of Dibley and Who Wants to be a Millionaire have been criticised for being “too white” by Channel 4’s new market research.

As far as I know "Millionaire" picks its contestants by them having to answer questions and getting the answer right. Seems to be a colour blind system to me, so how are they going to get more ethnics on, give them easier questions? Wouldn't that be insulting!

The research comes only weeks after Dr Samir Shah, a non-executive director at the BBC, accused broadcasters of rampant tokenism in their programming.
He claimed that a “tick-box approach” to showing non-whites had left minority viewers feeling embarrassed and irritated.

Analysis: By Neil Midgley, TV & Radio Editor - Telegraph

Placing too much emphasis on diversity in television has one big drawback: it doesn’t generally make for very good television.

But one area of British television that shows no diversity at all is Channel 4’s corporate purpose.

Earlier this year, chief executive Andy Duncan set out in black and white his unshakable intent to get £150 million a year in subsidy out of the government.

If C4 are honest about it, the announcement was intended for culture secretary Andy Burnham - not for anyone in Bradford or Burnley.


And Vicar of Dibley is set in a small rural English village which quite possibly would not have any non-white residents. It would look silly if there was a token representative of each ethnic group.

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