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How to live to 100 - emphasis on live

Smoker who has 10 cigars a day celebrates his 100th birthday - Telegraph

A smoker who has 10 cigars day and enjoys a whisky with his morning tea has celebrated his 100th birthday.

Since his first puff in 1917 he has smoked 153,000 cigars and 715,400 cigarettes and drunk a shot of whisky in his morning cup of tea every day since the age of 24. He has not suffered any serious health problems related to smoking or drinking.

His mother-in-law got him hooked on whisky, which he drinks without fail as soon as he gets up, before he has even had breakfast.

"She said the best thing for a woman is for her to drink whisky before she does anything, every day," he said. "I don't feel my age. I've still the mind of a young man. But if I had the company of a good woman, I'm sure I'd feel 40 years younger in a flash."

And if that story doesn't cheer you up then the door is over there....


My Dad was ill for a long time, sadly passed away now, but i reckon the fact he drank a bottle of whisky a week kept him going for a lot longer than he would have otherwise. Indeed we used to call it his "medicine". Certainly seemed to do more for him than the endless boxes of pills the Doctors made him have...

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