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Bendy Bananas and the EU - again.

EU rediscovers taste for bendy cucumbers - Times Online

It's official: European diktats on the size and shape of fruit and vegetables are bananas.

Even the European Commission now wants them scrapped to avoid wasting good food in times of global shortage.

The commission, in a step backed by the UK, will this week attempt to reform strict rules governing standards on such matters as the colour of leeks, the bendiness of cucumbers and the shape of carrots.

In a vote in Brussels, Britain, Holland, Denmark, Sweden and Germany will support moves to reform the marketing standards amid fears that they are making the world food crisis worse.

However, France, Spain, Italy and other countries are expected to oppose the plan, claiming that the standards “play an important role in market operations while protecting consumers”. Critics suspect they are just protecting their vested interests.

These would be the rules that the euro fedarist insist are just myths then...

Euro-myths? Most of them are just plain bananas... - UK Politics, UK - The Independent

The Myth

Bendy bananas are banned by Brussels. (Bananas must not be excessively curved.)


And the too-small kiwi fruit story:

Visit Portugal and you'll see that all the cucumbers are bendy and all the tomatoes knobbly and blemished. They all taste delicious, of course, but since when did Brussels dictate these things? Only the UK was listening and willing to enforce this nonsense. THe rest of the EU probably did it for a dare just to see if the stupid Brits would actually go along with it.

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