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Gordon's Secret Emails Stolen by the Chinese?

Gordon Brown aide a victim of honeytrap operation by Chinese agents - Times Online

A top aide to Gordon Brown has been a suspected victim of a “honeytrap” operation by Chinese intelligence agents.

The aide, a senior Downing Street adviser who was with the prime minister on a trip to China earlier this year, had his BlackBerry phone stolen after being picked up by a Chinese woman who had approached him in a Shanghai hotel disco.

The aide agreed to return to his hotel with the woman. He reported the BlackBerry missing the next morning. ...

Experts say that even if the aide’s device did not contain anything top secret, it might enable a hostile intelligence service to hack into the Downing Street server, potentially gaining access to No 10’s e-mail traffic and text messages.

My surprise isn't that the Chinese would do this, that one of our top aides is so stupid, that the old tricks still work, no it is that the Chinese managed to identify an aide who wasn't gay....


Perhaps she was just a run-of-the-mill slapper? Nicking mobiles from sozzled punters is de rigeur.

But on the other hand she may well have been a spy.

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