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Rods, Poles and Perchs are thriving on Council allotments

A very quick google on official local council websites for allotment sizes throws up proper old measurements being used:

Portsmouth Council Allotment Leaflet
Rental costs for an allotment are very modest and based on the size of the individual plot. A 10 rod plot works out at less than £1 a week and a 5 rod plot less than 50p a week.

SOUTH HOLLAND DISTRICT COUNCIL APPLICATION FORM ALLOTMENTS Allotment Size : 1 rood approx Rent :£37.45 per annum

Allotments Charges - Marlow Town Council
£3.20 per pole
A full size plot of 10 poles = £32.00 per annum
A half size plot of 5 poles = £16.00 per annum

Thanet District Council Allotments
The cost of an allotment ranges from £2.20 per perch...

Olveston Parish Allotment Association
The annual rental is £1.80 per lug

As Merton Council says; "A rod or perch, as it was also known, was a traditional Saxon land measure and survives in the twentieth century." (Though I note they are still using them in the 21st)

I suppose all these councils - and these are just a small sample - will be welcoming the Eu's banning of the acre and that none have been prosecuting anyone for using non metric measures....


Is it because hectares are priced in euros?

just can't remember my old times TABLES !! squre roods chains ect.

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