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Jacquiiii Smith - Your paymasters are calling

Jacqui Smith warned by first group to be given ID cards that they will not improve security - Telegraph

The first group of workers to be have compulsory ID cards forced on them have warned Jacqui Smith that the measure will not improve security.

Union staff representing airport workers will this week meet the Home Secretary as a matter of "urgency" to discuss their concerns.

In a letter to Miss Smith, Frances O'Grady, the deputy general secretary of the TUC, said the issue was also one of civil liberties.

She said: "Unions representing the airport workforce recognise the need for effective security measures, but see no evidence at all that these proposals that these proposals would enhance airport security arrangements.

"They have raised a number of specific issues: the move has significant civil liberties' implications; that it would not be cost effective, and indeed, appears to impose additional burdens on business and employees with no measurable security benefit."

With the Unions clambering back into the driving seat of Labour policy as the only source of funds for the bankrupt party, this could be interesting...


Interesting news item from the US which shows how DNA is not as infallible as some might claim.


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