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My Carbon Footprint.....

Carbon dioxide emissions in the South West

The South West Ecological Footprint found that the average South West person generated nearly 27 million tonnes of CO2, 45% of which came from road transport in 2001.

My bad, that's even more than Al Gore, must be some damned thirsty Land Rovers down on Exmoor.....


Is that regular tons (pardon my spelling), or "long" tons?

And OK, it's a gas, but surely it is enough that any three given people could extract the carbon and build a road to Ireland in a couple of years?

But then, what can be expected of a group which over and over on just that one page repeats the "Carbon dioxide (CO2) is the most important greenhouse gas" stupidity - seems they've never heard of water vapor, or dismiss it as technically not a gas. Much as glass is technically not a solid. Bah.

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