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Saint Alex Salmond

Wind farms: now we've got the biggest in Europe - Scotsman.com News

ALEX Salmond told the World Renewable Energy Congress in Glasgow the green light had been given to a 152-turbine project in South Lanarkshire. The chairman of the congress then hailed Mr Salmond as the "saint of renewable energy".

Mr Salmond now expects Scotland to become the green-energy capital of Europe and a major exporter of renewable energy – a move that could bring billions of pounds into the economy.

Jason Ormiston, the chief executive of Scottish Renewables, agreed transforming this country into a key exporter of renewables could be "absolutely massive" for the economy.

The £600 million Clyde 548-megawatt wind farm, which will be capable of powering 320,000 homes,..
That is about £2000 a home in capital costs, now add in the need for back up capacity for when the wind doesn't blow, the extra lines and transformers to get the juice from there to here etc. and yes I can see meeting these directives is going to be "absolutely massive" to the economy - though I guess the costs will be spread further than Scotland's borders.


If 152 powers 320,000 homes then they'd need a million of the things to power every home in Scotland even before they start exporting the surplus.

Salmond is an even bigger looney than Broon.

"capable of powering 320,000 homes" means "capable of delivering some power to 320,000 homes from time to time" not "capable of providing full power requirements to 320,000 homes at all times". A subtle difference but not one windists (or politicians) would emphasise.

The £600 million Clyde 548-megawatt wind farm...

Oy. Could not a nuclear plant of that size be built for about a third of that, on perhaps one-twentieth the land, operable 24 hours per day every day? And, for kickers, less than one percent of access roadway?

And that "320,000 homes" thing does NOT include offices, hospitals, fire/police...

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