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Moon Living

Bang the drum for rock’n’ roll heroes - Times Online

They have been the butt of jokes, and even the most agile of their number have seldom been regarded as paragons of physical virtue.

For all John Bonham’s thunderous half-hour solos behind Led Zeppelin, and Keith Moon’s frenzied skin-bashing with The Who, neither man - nor the generations of drummers who followed them - was ever recognised as a finely tuned athlete....

....sports scientists have concluded that drummers are comparable in their physical prowess to world-class sportsmen. ...the music world is divided between fitness freaks and those with less spartan lifestyles.

“The hotels all have gyms now and you get those who get up early and work out and those who get up at midday with a hangover,” he said. For his part, Dr Smith believes that he will soon be providing nutrition and fitness support to any number of musicians intent on prolonging their careers.

The late Keith Moon, whose manic performances seemed to create enough energy to power the national grid, was once Clem Burke, the veteran Blondie drummer's idol.

“These days, I say he taught me what not to do. He was very physical but he basically killed himself with excessiveness,” said Burke.

And that is why Moon is a legend, we want our Rock and Roll heroes to provide vicarious thrills for us as we lead our humdrum lives - we don't want them to be clean living gym rats - or at least I don't.


and those that drink and drug to excess make the best music.

Who really wants to listen to music written by church goers.

Same goes for car and bike racers; give me the larger than life Duncan Hamilton over Valentino Rossi any day.

Forgot to mention.
There was also a certain Ginger Baker...

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