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The Definitive UK Hockey Stick Graph

With the renewed debate about the accuracy of the famous Hockey Stick I applied my own methodology and analysis using unquestioned accurate data and produced the following for the UK.


Please don't ask me to reveal my methods as that is impugning my professional honour; though I suspect some of you will twist the data and in your own mirror universe discover the source code....


I can see my house from there!
Got to say from a selfish point it would really help if global warming and sea level rises were true---this school holiday is going to cost alot in petrol money with taking the young rocklets to cleethorpes and Mablethorpe---it would be cheaper and greener for the sea to come to me.

Ooh, I know! Call on me! You extrapolated from this!

It didn't take long for the scare about new television sets being a horrendous possible problem to find the real problem -
*TV Adverts!*
"AUSTRALIAN television advertising is producing as much as 57 tonnes of carbon dioxide per hour, and thirty second ad breaks are among the worst offenders..."

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