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Balance on Channel 4

Letter: A fig leaf for global warming sceptics | Media | The Guardian

I take a special interest in Ofcom's largely damning verdict on Martin Durkin's Great Global Warming Swindle (Report, July 22). I presented a programme for Channel 4 entitled God Is Green three weeks before. On the basis of that, I was invited to an Al Gore training day in Cambridge two weeks after the Swindle documentary was aired. As I entered the room, the former senator saw the Channel 4 ID on my conference badge and uttered words to the effect that I had a cheek showing my face there after all the damage I had done. Thankfully, his minders were able to put him right. He was not a happy man.

I wonder if "God is Green" was a balanced program - who cares? The idea of Al Gore being in a strop is joy enough.


Any day this madman is NOT in a strop is a bad day for human civilisation. Don't you just love the idea that anything contradicting his ideas does "damage?" Damage to his quest for sainthood, maybe. Al Gore is the 21st Century's Karl Marx. His influential presentation of pseudo-scientific gobbledegook and its adoption as gospel truth by the gullible masses (of intellectuals) will kill millions of the real masses and ensure that hundreds of millions more live their whole lives in unnecessary poverty because of arrested economic development. His ideas justify ruthless centralisation of state power on "humanitarian" grounds and are therefore irresistibly attractive to politicians of a certain ilk, who will live high on the hog behind closed doors while their subject peoples suffer and die. Stupid mug punters will fall for the spiel because it's "for a better future." It will all collapse in chaos, with only Guardian journalists and British academics still believing in it when the scales have fallen from everyone else's eyes. The parallel is exact.

"Operation Noah" is one of Monbiot's creatures, isn't it?

But did he get to touch the Great Man's coat? Were his foul-smelling, pustulous boils healed? Was he able to go on his way, free from sin?

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