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Francis Wilson's Global Warming Swindle


How many errors can you spot in this supposititious farrago of nonsense? A week's hot weather in England trumps 11 years of global cooling!

(Scanned because it isn't online)


I notice he doesn't mention the High Court ruling on Al Gore's 'Inconvenient Truth (sic)'

This must be a reflection on educational standards.He must have an NVQ in Geography.

He is a good weatherforecaster - very clear - and started pollen forecasts.
I would have hoped that Sky might have more sense than to buy IPCC alarmism. Maybe he just had to get out knocking copy on a competitor.

The weather forecast for last night was for heavy rain and thunderstorms with localised flooding and disruption to the road network. Woke up this morning and the ground is still bone dry and the air thick.

If a weatherman can't get the next few hours right, why the f**k should I believe their predictions about the weather for the next decade?

Starting a paragraph with an 'and'?

I think he's a terrible, unscientific weather presenter. I was going to take a paragraph to explain why, but this pretty much sums it up: Francis Wilson - Worst Weather Presenter Ever. Except to say, if you saw his explanation of the gulf stream a couple of weeks ago as part of a report, you'd think he was paraphrasing someone he considers an expert. Sian Lloyd perhaps?

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