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Making an Eton Mess of Pudding.

* Servings:4

Meringues, strawberries and raspberries and then add:

Vanilla cream
500ml double cream
400g icing sugar
½ vanilla pod
1 small tub of vanilla ice cream

400g of sugar for four people? You sure? I have checked, 400 grams is nearly a lb. Four ounces of sugar per person?

The kids were making this and no wonder it was disgustingly oversweet - I have a feeling that Marco cooked this using proper imperial measurements and someone has mistranslated into the bastard French system. If he had said sixteen ounces of sugar for four servings then the mental alarm bells would have gone off, using some arbitrary measurement based on the weight of Napoleons cock means tonight's pudding has been ruined. Bastards.


In the recipe I use the weight of fruit isdouble that of the sugar.

Sugar tastes sweeter the finer it is ground hence Turkish Delight needs a dashed good tapping before it is remotely palatable.

Seems to me the consistency would be all wrong too.

According to my National Trust Book of Traditional English Puddings, the most sugar you should add to the fruit and cream is a tablespoon. A quick web search reveals that Anthony Worrall-Thompson and Saint Delia both think the same; the meringue being sweet enough for any normal taste.

Looking at Mr Pierre-White's recipe I suspect some dipshit of a sub-editor simply copied the quantity of sugar for the meringue into the cream section, possibly with the intention of changing it later, then forgot.

Then again his recipe uses almost three times as much sugar in the meringue as Mrs Smith, AWT or the National Trust.

It makes one wonder whether Marco's pension isn't invested in an insulin factory.

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