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No Happy Hour for Pubs

Pubs cry into beer no one is drinking - Times Online

Pubs are serving fewer drinks than ever. Publicans say that they are pulling 1.4 million pints a day - 1.6 million fewer than at the height of the market in 1979. The decline has been blamed on closures after the smoking ban, rising costs and competition from supermarkets.

The police are calling for tough new laws after the association announced that its members were abandoning the voluntary code banning aggressive drinks promotions.

The decision by more than half of the country’s 57,000 pubs not to end happy-hour deals is likely to trigger an intense price war this summer.

The Association of Chief Police Officers and Alcohol Concern have asked the Government to abandon self-regulation in the industry in light of growing concerns over alcohol abuse. “Sadly the trade repeatedly shows that it cannot be relied upon to consistently act in a responsible way,” said Chris Allison, its spokesman on alcohol.

You stupid little prodnose - it isn't the yoofs drinking in pubs that are the problem, not with beer at over £2 a pint and a landlord watching over them - it is the consumers of the cases of cooking lager bought from the back of a van. You ought to be encouraging pubs and trying to drive the youths back into them.


Well, I was at university in 1979 whereas I'm not in the country anymore, but that can't account for all of the difference.

Absolutely spot on.

Historically, pubs have been at the very heart of traditional English communities.

Nowadays, they even need to buy an expensive music license to have a couple of folk singers with acoustic guitars, never mind anything else. Only in England of course. Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland have a culture to maintain, the UK government is only interested in smothering and obliterating English culture.

I own liverpools oldest pub..the patrons are nearly all over 60,yet we suffer from all tyhe madness this govt can inflict...for some of the old folk the place is their life.

The old codgers used to be the regulars, who came in every night, drank a few pints, bought a pie, smoked their pipes or fags, played dominoes, gave the dog some crisps and a clean ashtray full of water, and went home at closing time.

The public bar, or the snug, whatever, was theirs. Now it has become somebody else's workplace, they can't even have a smoke with their pint of bitter. If they had wanted to be nagged, they could have stayed at home. Well now they are staying at home. With their pipes and their supermarket beer and the telly on. I don't blame them. I don't blame the landlords either. I blame the bloody schoolmarms in the cabinet who think they should have control over every aspect of our lives.

whatever happened to the Labour ideals of 'minimum governance'? i guess soon it will be the Law (TM) that you will be allocated a specific day during the week to socialize and the drinks served in plastic mugs (complete with warning signs and pictures of disesed livers) and then can only drink them outside and even then must only be wearing subdued colours. at what what point did democracy turn into oligarchy?

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