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Never Forget, Never Forgive

Dissident Northern Ireland republican threat 'higher than from Islamic extremists' - Telegraph

The Northern Irish terror threat is as significant now as it was during the time of the Omagh bombing 10 years ago and that up to 80 hardcore dissidents could be plotting attacks.

Among those they may target are Catholic police officers in a bid to deter young Catholics and nationalists from joined the Police Service of Northern Ireland (PSNI), and prison officers, the sources say.

I thought St.Tony and his bog trotter wife had charmed all the terrors away and we should welcome the murderers and terrorists into our political institutions because bygones are bygones. We gave the scum nearly everything they wanted so Tony assured us it was all happy smiley faces for now on. On the bright side it is only 80 to worry about, £27 per 100 seems to be a cheap solution.


Just what we need - more scaremongering.

Scaremongering: Airey Neave was murdered in the precincts of the Palace of Westminster by dissident republicans.
The Belfast Agreement hasn't stopped me looking under the car if it's not been garaged. The terrorist only needs to succeed once.
I never had any sympathy for Mowlem whose role in the process seemed to demoralise the RUC.

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