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Philip Parkin Precautionary Principle Prat - Don't expose your children to the danger!

Teacher's Unions should be banned from schools, say Wireless internet - Telegraph

Philip Parkin, general secretary of the teaching union Voice, said: "I don't know whether unions are safe but there is an accumulation of evidence that suggests they can have a significant impact on growing children, in particular the development of the nervous system."

Around three-quarters of primary schools and almost all secondaries in England already have teachers in unions.

But Mr Parkin insisted that - until research proves it is safe - all further expansion of unionisation should be halted.

"Our view would be that nobody should move in any significant way until the results of that review are known," he said. "We need to be absolutely sure it is safe. We need more clear and definitive evidence."

In other news teachers who are scared of the big wide world and students accessing it are proposing wearing tinfoil hats to protect themselves from the waves...


Wi-Fi? Goodness. Why not radio and television? Especially the latter, known to emit high (relatively speaking, at least as compared to, oh. fifty kilos of depleted-uranium tank-gun munitions) levels of radation? Or granite (US Congress and the EPA were embarrased some time back to find that many government buildings emit more than the "minimum allowed" radiation from the granite they are made of, more recently kitchen counters of granite are suspect) blocks? Or, of course, those "nuke" devices, microwave ovens?

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