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The Pussification of Murder

Women who kill abusive partners in cold blood could escape murder charge in radical law shake-up | Mail Online

More male partners will be convicted of murder after law reform - Times Online

The reforms, including a defence for people who kill when they feel “seriously wronged”, would result in life sentences for about 100 killers a year who currently escape murder convictions by claiming that they were provoked by unfaithful or nagging spouses. At the same time, people who kill because they feel seriously wronged by someone’s “words and conduct” could escape a murder conviction under a new partial defence. The reforms would make clear that a partner having an affair would not come into this category.

The trouble is trying to codify what is unreasonable behaviour - the defence of "feeling seriously wronged", of being disrespected, of preserving honour depends so much on what an individual feels worth defending. And there are gender biases which seem to be being codified. For many men being cuckolded is the most degrading thought, for others it is not. In some families dating the wrong class of person is considered reason enough to be killed, do we accept that now?


So, on an equality basis, this gives complete justification for Muslim 'honour' killings? The family feels 'seriously wronged'.

I feel 'seriously wronged' and assuredly 'disrespected' by the disgusting filth
we have in place of a government just this minute.

So under this new law it will be OK to kill them?

I thought not.

What they actually mean, of course, is that politically-correct murders will
be acceptable.

Oh, come now. Has nothing to do with unassimilated newcomers.

Sorry but, while vastly flawed, it is past time that a man could get away with (2 year suspended manslaughter) killing a woman because she repeatedly nagged him to get a job and take out the garbage on his way to the employment agency, whilst a woman who could show a pattern of increasing violence leading her to fear for her life gets a life sentence and a patronizing speech about being able to leave any time. Both are killings, neither is "Crime Passionelle" spur-of-the-moment.

I feel seriously wronged by Labour.

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