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Aiming for zero

Recycle blitz targets shops, offices and parks - Scotsman.com News

NEW laws could make it illegal not to have recycling facilities in workplaces and public areas, including shopping centres, lay-bys and beaches...

Legislation, out for consultation, could be brought in that applies to retailers, shopping centres, airports, beaches, car parks, cinemas, entertainment sites, parks, lay-bys, sports stadia and government buildings. Owners or occupiers would have to provide recycling facilities, arrange for material to be taken away and keep track of amounts collected.

If they failed to comply, they could be penalised.

The measures, aimed at helping Scotland come close to being a zero-waste country, were welcomed by environment groups.

As businesses slowly close up, driven to ruin by the increasing costs and burdens of the state Scotland will slowly return to a zero waste country as the wind blows through the empty shopping centres and the poor bloody Celts huddle round a peat fire in a bothy eating roasted turnip and thistle heads.....


'S alright... they've had lots of experience at it.

Owners or occupiers

What, you've been invaded?

So the nobs' live-in maid has to supply her own dustbin?

*Sigh* Yet another "feel good" measure. Make 100.00% of citizens do recycling because the system of having 0.03% actually do that as a job is not wasteful enough.

In my area, soft-drink bottles and cans have a "refundable" surchage to encourage us to schlep them back whence they came for recycling. For about two years, most large markets had machines to accept these and print a voucher redeemable in the store. Then faded away (voluntary, unpaid, unsubsidized), no other way to get back money (government had promised centers would open - none ever did, of course), containers go in trash (we still have only three different bins, how about you?), but this effective tax naturally remains...

We've had recycling bins put into our offices which is great except they've just assumed that nobody will recycle and taken our bins off us. Too much carrot, not enough stick.

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