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Are High Food Prices Good For Us?

The Economist will be hosting an online debate until August 8th, it's an Oxford-style debate on whether or not rising food prices can have an upside for humanity. Since food prices are related to the discussion on green politics, world hunger, and foreign affairs we thought you would want to know about the debate and participate. Would you be interested in helping us spread the word about this debate to your readers by posting your response to our proposition?

Commodities: Farmland prices soaring at fastest rate on record | Business | The Guardian

....the hectare price of arable land jumped by 32% in the first half of this year to £14,453...farmers and agricultural businesses were again the dominant buying force, as surging commodity prices are continuing to prompt farmers to expand their production.

I bought at about £2000 a hectare 13 years ago on a 90% mortgage which I worked for ten years behind a desk to pay off - so any response I make is biased...


Are High Food Prices Good For Us?

Sure. Look how many people in Zimbabwe have lost weight in the last decade or so.

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