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Where does oil really come from?

The Associated Press: NASA says liquid confirmed on Saturn's moon Titan

At least one of many large, lake-like features on Saturn's moon Titan studied by the international Cassini spacecraft contains liquid hydrocarbons, NASA said Wednesday.

Scientists positively identified the presence of ethane, according to a statement from NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena, which manages the Cassini mission exploring Saturn, its rings and moons.

Liquid ethane is a component of crude oil....

Hmm, yet again I look at the Abiogenic petroleum origin - Wikipedia

.... Supporters of the abiogenic hypothesis suggest that there may be a great deal more petroleum on Earth than commonly thought, and that petroleum may originate from carbon-bearing fluids which migrate upward from the mantle. The abiogenic petroleum hypothesis predicts that oil is formed in the mantle at temperatures and pressures consistent with the laws of thermodynamics....

Abiogenic hypotheses saw a revival in the last half of the twentieth century by Russian and Ukrainian scientists, and more interest has been generated in the West after the publication in 1999 of The Deep Hot Biosphere by Thomas Gold. Gold's version of the hypothesis partly is based on the existence of a biosphere composed of thermophile bacteria in the earth's crust, which may explain the existence of certain biomarkers in extracted petroleum.... (more, much more at this wikipedia article.)

Maybe, just maybe, oil isn't a fossil fuel at all....


It is fascinating how often some theories try and get recognition, but never get further than crankville.

At the moment there is a lot of agendas which rely on oil being a fossil fuel - the moment we prove that it isn't, where is the incentive to reduce usage or even to justify the cost - especially if it isn't running out!

I like to compare the whole abiotic theory with the ideas that revolved around brownian motion and the ideas that came after it resulting in quantum physics which even Einstein had problems with never mind the general public.

In 200 years time, we will know that abiotic is the real answer, but for now, let the witch craft of dinosaurs and Gaia have its time!

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