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Labour - The Ratner Party

Gordon Brown's personal popularity hits historic low, poll shows - Telegraph

Barely one voter in seven believes he is fit for the job of Prime Minister, the YouGov survey shows.

But none of Mr Brown's likely replacements - including David Miliband, the Foreign Secretary - can save the party from an election humiliation at the hands of the Conservatives either, the poll finds.

But the YouGov poll also contains some cold comfort for the Prime Minister, showing that that none of the Labour figures currently considered possible replacements would significantly improve the party's standing.

With Mr Miliband as leader, Labour scores 24 per cent against 47 per cent for the Conservatives. Under Jack Straw, the Justice Secretary, the figures are 24-45.

Were Ed Balls, the Schools Secretary, to take over, Labour would fall to 17 per cent, in third place behind the Liberal Democrats on 18 per cent and the Conservatives on 50 per cent.

In fact, the only Labour figure who could significantly narrow the gap with the Tories is the man the party forced out of office last year: Tony Blair.

Yet even with Mr Blair as leader, Labour would trail the Conservatives by 32 per cent to 41 per cent.

(So grave is Mr Brown's plight that many voters have started to pity him. Forty-two percent said they feel either "very sorry" or "fairly sorry" for the Prime Minister. )

(In between the hysterical laughter at Gordon's plight Tony is wondering if he should rise again on the third day to save his people, but he has an expensive wife to maintain, so it is only a passing day dream.)

The Labour brand is so tarnished, the distrust of it is now solidifying and it will be hard to change it. Ask Gerald Ratner how quickly and permanently a brand can be destroyed, Gordon has done this to the Labour Party.
Dave recognised the problems with the Conservative brand and has worked hard to detoxify it, his timing and foresight is now paying off provided he hasn't peaked to soon.
It will take a similar period in opposition and the same serious rebuilding for Labour to ever have the prospect of reelection.


It's interesting to run these numbers through a swingometer-type calculation. It shows the very non-linear effect of swing votes in a first-past-the-post system. At the level of support quoted for Ed Balls, Labour would, at best, obtain a single figure number of seats. It is altogether possible they could be left with no MPs at all. Zero. Wiped out.

Dare to dream.

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