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Healthy Eating

What you won't read in the MSM. Pesky data on salt intakes and diets and exercise which show the difference between the science and what the "experts" tell us. It's what the blogosphere is for.


The JFS article on diet/exercise for weight loss is dangerous. It is common sense that the number of calories consumed and the amount of calories burned will affect weight. There are some variances - BMR and the ability to process food, some people are more efficient. Also if we gorge ourselves then a lot of calories will pass through and not be absorbed. But generally the human body with a proper diet will be around 95% efficient at using the calories. True also there may be some chemical factors (happiness, stress, tiredness caused) that determine if we deposit fat or excrete the excess.

However the study showed a clear relationship for 6 months. Also it is easy to see the effect of calorie-control through starvation camps, anoriexia nervosa/bulimia etc that weight is lost. What is more likely is that over time the survey lost discipline and lied to the researchers.

The salt analysis trickier but it seems that there's too much focus on Sodium salt and not enough on Potassium. Both sodium and potassium regulate our cells - and it may be the differential between the two's intake rather than (or as much as) the overall quantity consumed that is the key factor. Also we should consider that Negroids and Caucasians have been separated by 200,000 years or more of dietary evolution and using salt as a preservative may have been a factor in North European diets for 10000s of years.

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