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Harvest Update

A snippet to give you an understanding of how farming really is now.

In the field next to my house the muck spreaders are at work, but not over the whole field. The combine which self steered its way across the rape earlier this week recorded the yield variations onto a gps map which is fed into the office computer. The manure management plan then indicates which areas of the field will benefit from the muck the most and will also provide information for the gps guided fertiliser applicator throughout the season to vary the fertiliser rates across the field.

It's not all muck and mystery anymore.


And politicians do exactly the same thing to the electorate.

All of our likes, dislikes, age, attitudes, likely voting intentions, etc are fed into databases, and individual voters can be targeted for doorstepping in critical seats. If you are not visited, that means that the parties are reasonably sure of where your vote will go.

Comparisons with mushroom farming spring to mind....

Very good Dodgy Geezer.

Lucky that the stuff that politicians dole out isn't smelly.

Wither the "Champion Muck Spreader"


He be all done on computer now me old beauty.

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