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Friday Night is Music Night - Adolescent Edition

As a teenage boy at an all boy boarding school this video came out just in time to prevent me experimenting and trying out vile perversions - such as buying three disc gate-fold prog rock albums, I had been saved from such unnatural acts by a love of the three minute perfect pop song.

Though I did relapse a little when I was at college and I seem to remember this classic from the welsh group Man which was on a album with a foldout map finding a welcome in my bedsit, though my memory is a little hazy...


I must confess I think had already bought a double if not triple prog rock album before this came out. It did not however stop me or my mates at our local comp thinking Blodie was ace. We used to pop out of school to the local squash courts/sport centre to play pool, have a coke, listen to Blondie and perhaps the Police and watch the yummy mummies exercise. A lot of water under the bridge since then.

At school the emergence of Dr.Feelgood led to The Ramones and I was saved from long haired freaks in RAF overcoats.

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