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Science vs the Zealots

BBC NEWS | UK | GM saboteurs are likened to Nazis

A leading scientist in charge of GM crop trials has said GM crop saboteurs are like book-burners in Nazi Germany.

Professor Howard Atkinson said at a press conference in London that the protesters were "zealots" who were not "open to rational scientific debate".

He said: "I have great difficulty in seeing what is the distinction between burning university books in 1933, and now trying to prevent new information finding its way into scientific journals to underpin policy development."

"They have made up their minds, so they have a closed mind - that's what I mean by a zealot."

Environmental group Friends of the Earth said Professor Atkinson should apologise for making the comparison.

And how exactly is the comparison wrong? There is far too much zealotry trying to prevent science influencing policy, I don't think I need mention....


So how long before someone comes up with "GM crops help combat global warming, acid rain and the coming Ice age" ?

And how exactly is the comparison wrong

It seems like a very reasonable comparison.
Opposition to GM crops is very strange, particularly given what sort of things one might find in "organic" crops and the means by which many modern crops were developed.

Strange... another comment disappears.

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