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IE7 Blocks Blogs with Sitemeter

The Reference Frame: Fix: IE7 with Sitemeter: Operation aborted

This posting is primarily addressed to those webmasters who experience a similar problem.

If your web page contains a Sitemeter counter, Internet Explorer users eventually see an "Operation aborted" error message. Once they click OK, the whole page disappears and is replaced by a blank page....

I have tried his recommended fix here, if it doesn't work than you won't be able to read this. If you can't read this please tell me...


If you can read this I have read that!


Just started to happen today, quite a few of my favourite blogs *after having loaded the page* throw up the error message and are aborted...

I can read it just fine--always have.

But then I have long used Firefox (et all, all the way back to Mosaic, which I still have installed).

And I have blocked sitemeter for a long time, among many others.

Ta for info...i thought I'd lost contact with blighty!

I had this problem yesterday but for some reason it is ok today.

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